In most families, pets are loved ones just like any other family member. They have checkups, grooming rituals, special diets, and may even accompany us on vacations. When they get sick or there’s any question about their health, the first thing many pet parents do is call their vet’s office. Having an answering service available 24/7/365 is an integral aspect of servicing your clients and their pets’ needs without disrupting your practice or your personal life. We at Centratel Answering Service make that goal a reality.

Never Miss a Call

A missed call could be disastrous if the animal needs to be seen quickly, yet it can be easy to miss calls if you are out of the office or your front desk staff is overwhelmed. By having an answering service available as backup, you’ll never miss another call. Whether it’s after hours or during a busy day, a large animal or a small animal, our telephone service representatives (TSR) stand ready to answer your calls around the clock.

Separation of Calls

Our trained TSRs can separate routine calls from true emergencies and dispatch after hours emergency calls to your on call technician or doctor. A veterinary answering service like Centratel is familiar with animal-related verbiage, too, and is aware of potentially serious situations.

Positive Customer Service

When a client is upset or even in a panic about the state of their animal, leaving a message on a machine can be a nightmare. You may call in to find that a client has left a detailed message about a dangerously ill animal without leaving their own name. The machine may also cut off the message before it is complete. By engaging the services of a veterinary answering service, you can rest assured that no message will be incomplete or garbled. Each TSR is trained to ask the right questions to ensure a complete and accurate message. This is especially critical for after-hours emergencies.

A high quality answering service such as Centratel provides the necessary back up and after-hours call handling ability every veterinary clinic needs. Your clients and their animals deserve prompt attention and we exist to help you provide it.

Centratel is an elite national telephone answering service located in Bend, Oregon. Centratel’s Veterinary Answering Service assists hundreds of Veterinary businesses during and after-hours, throughout the United States and is, by a variety of statistics, the highest quality answering service available among the approximately 1,500 services nationwide.

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