Updated April 1, 2017
Note that if you are currently employed by an inbound or outbound call center you will have special consideration but we routinely hire people with no answering service/call center experience. Our training is thorough and the technical, linguistic and “people” skills that we will teach you will prove valuable for the rest of your lifetime.

Here’s a recent background profile of our TSR staff: Ages range from 23 through 60, including 2 men and 24 women. Education varies from high school diploma through master’s degree. The average TSR length of employment is 4 years, 8 months. Some past occupations: customer service manager, car salesman, receptionist, football coach, dental assistant, small business owner, teacher, waitress, mechanic, process server, legal secretary, retail salesperson, customer service representative, office manager, nanny. We have 10 TSR’s who used to work at other call centers (IBEX, Consumer Cellular, etc.) It’s a fun, mixed group that is the heart of our elite-quality, nationally recognized answering service/call center. Here’s a posting of some of our staff. And, here’s an unsolicited thank you letter from one of our current employees, a 14 year veteran.

Average new-employee compensation (including performance bonuses) after 90 days on the job, not including insurance benefits, is in the $15.00 to $18.00 per hour range. Experienced/skilled TSRs can earn $19.00+ per hour.

Click the link below for full information including instructions about how to submit a resume.

Telephone Service Representative