Customer Testimonials

Service is great and I continue to receive positive feedback from my customers… having your service at my disposal takes the stress out of my day.

– B.P., mortgage broker, Stone Mountain, GA

Thank you. We are very happy with the thoroughness and professionalism you all demonstrate.

– K.W., manager, veterinary office, Franklin, TN

Your follow-up is great and you are awesome!

– D.M., owner, property management company, Bend, Oregon

I couldn’t be happier. I love our service!

– R.R., manager, HVAC, Trinity, TX

I am setting up another account (with Centratel) and want to make sure all the TSR’s know how truly wonderful they are! I have had compliments from clients on how nice you all are.

– R.R., owner, machine shop, Vancouver, WA

(Centratel) is by far the best answering service I have ever had and I enjoy working with you.

– C.C., owner, HVAC, Trinity, TX

You are doing a great job and I sure appreciate you

– M.B., owner, inspection service, Salt Lake City, Utah

During my professional career as an equine veterinarian, I have used many telephone answering services and without exception, Centratel is the most reliable and efficient. I get every single message, without fail. Their staff is friendly, attentive to my needs, and provides my business with excellent customer service.

– Dr. C.F. veterinarian, Kingston, WA

Your operators are always very nice and pleasant.

– A patient of Dr. T. D., medical clinic, O’Brien, FL

Out of all my years providing service, you are far superior to any other telephone answering service I have used.

– Dr. W., veterinarian, Bend, OR

Your service is much better than our old service.

– A.S., physician, medical clinic, Nashville, TN

We were with our previous telephone answering service for 24 years and even though you are a little more expensive, you are well worth it…our patients comment on how great you handle their calls.

– B.T., office manager, medical clinic, Encino, Ca

Awesome! Centratel makes our lives a lot easier!

– I.L., manager, medical clinic, Klamath Falls, OR

…I just received my bill and it reminded me to make sure to take the time to call you and say what a great job you are doing. When I changed telephone answering services, I never expected Centratel to be so good!

– G.K., owner, HVAC, Burlington, WA

I am extremely happy with the way you handle our calls and our customers.

– B.T., owner, investment company, Redmond, Oregon

We are so happy; you have no idea. We are absolutely joyful. Our previous answering service, with less quality, was charging between $300-400/mo. My Centratel billing is under $200/mo. with better service.

– G.L., owner, property management company, San Diego, Ca

I called three other funeral homes in our area and your people were the… most polite people and had excellent communication skills. The answering service’s professionalism and sensitivity reflect well on (S.P.’s) funeral home.

– A caller to S.P., funeral home, Raleigh, NC

We appreciate your professionalism and responsiveness.

– T.M., owner, aviation company, Casper, WY

We are thrilled with Centratel and we tell everyone about you. We are so confident in the quality of service, that we are leaving for our first vacation in three years…we can enjoy ourselves without worrying about the company.

– M.B., manager, HVAC, Champlin, MN

You are doing a great job and I appreciate your professionalism and how you are handling my emergency calls. I know it can be difficult sometimes dealing with hysterical clients. There is no way we could handle all the calls anymore without your help. And occasionally my receptionist has an emergency and I have to roll calls over to you, so I really appreciate you being there. I found out this week the other major equine vet in our area has now started using you and I’m glad. The following has made Centratel invaluable to my practice:

  1. 24-hour availability, never calls in sick or needs a personal day off.
  2. Never leaves me without an option for my clients.
  3. If I have something that comes up unexpectedly in my schedule, we can forward calls there with short notice and still have someone covering the message system.
  4. Flexibility of use.
  5. I can forward phones when needed, like if the office is overwhelmed internally or if the receptionist is ill or needs time off or has personal issues to attend or needs to go out on calls with me for a major appointment.
  6. The option of clients always having a live person to talk to rather than a pager or voice mail.
  7. Professional manner of the operators, even in the face of rude clients, demanding clients, persistent callers, and frustrating clients (of which we unfortunately have many).
  8. Ease of use for me, including paging two separate cell phones and emailing of messages which provides a great hard-copy of messages and a great database for our client list.
  9. Voice recording of all messages taken by Centratel, which has been invaluable several times to reprimand difficult clients.
  10. Peace of mind knowing that when I’m out on emergencies after hours and can’t get to the phone or can’t get to a given emergency, there is now a mechanism in place for clients to have other options if I don’t call them back in a reasonable amount of time.
  11. Quick resolution of any minor problems that arise with paging or emailing.

Service is Wonderful. I can’t believe we didn’t switch sooner!

– S.B., owner, construction company, Houston, TX

Your staff is very professional and helpful. It is so nice to be with an answering service that genuinely seems to care about our practice.

– Jill, office manager, internal medicine clinic, Nashville, TN

Centratel is completely phenomenal

– M.R., owner, HVAC, Islip, NY

Just wanted to let you know how pleased the doctor and all of us are with you guys. Everyone is so nice to talk to, as well as professional.

– S.S., manager, medical clinic, Bend, Oregon

Everyone is so professional there! I have called a couple of times, and the operators sound like they work right here in our office.

– C.S., manager, HVAC, Anaheim, CA

I am impressed with your friendly, professional and helpful staff…all interactions have been very positive. You are the best answering service that I have ever had.

– M.P., owner, funeral home, Barrien Springs, MI

Excellent! We are pleasantly surprised!

– T.H., HVAC company, Greenwood, In

…our doctors say they are 99% thrilled, and we have never heard this before.

– B.C., office manager, medical clinic, New Albany, In

The best telephone answering service we have encountered.

– B.R., owner, marketing company, Bend, Oregon

We are very pleased. The operators are so pleasant and nice…a total difference from what we had before.

– H.D., manager, HVAC, Bauersville, GA

Very talented staff. Never a complaint from our customers. Very accurate in separating out messages. We’ve used other services over the past 11 years and there is not one that is even close to the quality of your service.

– M.W., HVAC owner, Melrose, Fl

Your staff has a pleasant and effective interaction with our customers. Everyone from sales through billing is accommodating, honest and efficient. Oh yes, your prices are competitive, with the highest value for the cost.

– S.H., manager, HVAC, Jonesboro, AR

Reliable! Never had a problem with after-hours calls or having staff track down an employee. Always very polite and helpful.

– P.K., Manager, Aircraft maintenance, fuel and charter service, Bend, OR

Dependable, friendly service.

– L.H., physician, Ukiah, CA

Better than I expected. I was fed up with poor quality from the other services I tried and ready to just forward all calls to my cell phone…I decided to try one more time and could not be happier with service.

– W.A., owner, HVAC company, Trinity, TX

Centratel’s staff is very professional, always helpful and solution-driven.

– T.L., manager, women’s clinic, Redmond, OR

…peace of mind that after hours calls are addressed promptly…

– W.D., owner, HVAC, plumbing, residential and commercial fire protection company, Wilmington, DE

The operators are very courteous and efficient. Centratel is the best answering service we’ve had.

– D.B., physician, skin cancer medical clinic, Sherman Oaks, CA

We are very happy with the service. Centratel operators are polite, the messages we receive are clear and accurate. We have not had any complaints from our customers — not even one. Feel free to use my comments as a testimonial.

– D.W., owner, HVAC, Lancaster, CA

I greatly appreciate all the staff. Whenever I’ve needed any policy or procedure clarified, your people have always been thorough and knowledgeable. Any operator I have ever spoken with has also been very professional and helpful. I have been working with Centratel for several years now, and have been happy to refer other physicians to your answering service. Thank you for all you do!

– A.B., podiatrist, Bend, Oregon

…always very professional…we had trouble with our previous service.

– D.M., owner, HVAC, United States

Fantastic! You have taken a huge weight off my shoulders. Thanks everyone!

– J.R., owner, property management company, Pepperpike, OH

I receive my messages quickly and accurately…the calls are always handled very professionally. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories regarding answering services so I was very gun shy at first. But, I made an excellent choice when I chose Centratel… couldn’t be happier…

– I.R., owner Production Company, Phoenix, AZ

Last evening, I was having dinner with one of my vendors. I was telling him how happy I was with your service. He asked me to send him your contact information (which I did) but I suggested that he call our office right there to see how great your service was. He called our office and one of your customer service representatives answered. As always, the service was impeccable. He left a message and literally 30 seconds later, I received my text and e-mail notifications. He was shocked to see how quickly the notification came through. And so, I thank you and your team again for doing a great job.

– B.C., Director of Staffing, – Columbia University, NYC, N.Y.

You guys are awesome, we just love you!

– J.B., manager, medical clinic, Bend, Oregon

Since switching to your answering service seven months ago, we have not encountered a single problem or complaint from even one customer. All operators are extremely polite and professional. It’s a pleasure working with you. Keep up the good work!

– S.H., owner, HVAC company, Gurnee, Il.

I am very happy with Centratel. You are the best!

– S.P., owner, funeral home, Flagstaff, Az.

I’m very impressed with your operation. Our last answering service (which was our second bad service) was such a disaster I thought I’d never again feel comfortable with an answering service. But with Centratel we feel very confident our rotation will be handled properly. Thanks so much.

– Veterinarian, Manistee, Mi.

Terrific. Every contact I have had with (Centratel) staff has been absolutely professional – a ‘ten’ in my book. I have used medical answering services for 15 years and this is the best experience I have ever had.

-Dr. R.C., pathologist, Portland, Or.