Unlike most telephone answering services which attempt to handle all types of accounts, Centratel limits service to a small and specific group of businesses and professions. If your business lies in one of our specialty categories, you can be sure we will thoroughly understand your professional requirements.

The people who handle your incoming calls determine the quality of your answering service. Centratel’s long-term staff is career-oriented with wages/benefits that are higher than 98% of call centers nationwide.

Top of the line answering service/call center systems offer the ultimate efficiency, reliability and voice quality.

System operations and staff performance are intensely monitored and supported with a focus on documentation and evaluation.

Unlike the vast majority of answering service competitors, Centratel has an independent staff of Customer Service Representatives who will periodically contact you to update your account. They will be readily available to you if you have questions or concerns.

Centratel is stable, with a 36 year history of innovation and consistent growth. The company’s owner and founder is an answering service and call center industry leader, consultant and spokesperson.

Top Ten Reasons to Employ Centratel


Highest Quality Telephone Answering Service in America: Our most recent Customer Reported Error Rate (October through December, 2019) was 1 customer-reported error for every 6,716 message transactions processed.


Exceptionally Professional Staff: Our Telephone Service Representatives (TSRs) and Client Services personnel are very well paid, earning nearly double industry standards. With up to 25% of total compensation keyed directly to their own personal performance, our long-term staff is intensely motivated to provide your company with the most professional image possible.


Precise Quality Control Via Independent Quality Department: Once weekly, each TSR meets with our independent quality team to review and critique randomly selected messages processed the previous week. With a high enough score, TSR’s receive a significant monthly bonus. This arrangement ensures service that is near-flawless.


State of the Art Equipment: Our telecom and internal communications equipment is cutting-edge and highly redundant, offering unmatched reliability.


Monthly Billing Cycle: At Centratel, bills are compiled from the first day of the month to the last day of the month, which means we bill you 12 times per year. The 28 day billing cycle is a not-uncommon ploy that enables telephone answering services to quietly secure a 13th billing each year.


No Contract: We bill on a month-to-month basis to give you the freedom to evaluate your arrangement with us each month and to give you the flexibility to modify or eliminate the arrangement should your circumstances change. Here is our Terms of Service agreement.


Call Unit Billing: We charge by the work we do, not by the time we spend. If you’re on a timed billing system with your current service, there’s no incentive for the TSR to be efficient. The longer the TSR and caller talk, the higher the cost!


Free Automated Message Delivery: Messages are delivered free via email, email-to-cell (text message), alpha-numeric pager, or fax, putting your messages at your finger tips for no extra charge. You can also pick up your messages from the web. This protocol offers an enormous savings advantage over other answering services that tout lower call-unit charges while charging extra units for message delivery.


Independent Customer Service Department: Completely separate from our answering service operations department, our client services team performs frequent, periodic reviews of your account. This ensures your information is up to date and that you are consistently receiving the highest quality and most efficient service.


30 Day Free Trial: At the end of the trial period you will make a determination of whether Centratel is the right choice.