Why Employ Centratel?

Updated April 25, 2017

Unlike most telephone answering services which attempt to handle all types of accounts, Centratel limits service to a small and specific group of businesses and professions. If your business lies in one of our specialty categories, you can be sure we will thoroughly understand your professional requirements.

The people who handle your incoming calls determine the quality of your answering service. Centratel’s long-term staff is career-oriented with wages/benefits that are higher than 98% of call centers nationwide.

Top of the line answering service/call center systems offer the ultimate efficiency, reliability and voice quality.

System operations and staff performance are intensely monitored and supported with a focus on documentation and evaluation.

Unlike the vast majority of answering service competitors, Centratel has an independent staff of Customer Service Representatives who will periodically contact you to update your account. They will be readily available to you if you have questions or concerns.

Centratel is stable, with a 33 year history of innovation and consistent growth. The company’s owner and founder is an answering service and call center industry leader, consultant and spokesperson.

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