$599 Reward for Referrals

Revised August 3, 2017

Centratel is one of just a handful of thriving answering services in the United States (and we pride ourselves in being “the highest quality answering service in America“). Of course, we have to do a certain amount of overt marketing but a major source of new accounts has been via referrals from current clients, vendors and friends. With little prompting, we’ve had a steady stream of new accounts through this program and over the years we’ve paid out tens of thousands of dollars in referral rewards.

It’s a large source of new accounts for us.

Here it is: We will pay a $599 cash reward for your referral that leads to a new Centratel answering service account. The referrer will receive a free gift for mentioning you.

  1. The new client must start service and we must know you referred them (in advance, you can inform us that the party is going to contact us, or the new account can tell us you referred them).
  2. The new account must then stay with us, in good standing, for 120 days.
  3. Once the 120 days have passed, we will send you a check.
  4. Only new accounts qualify as referrals. Add-ons or upgrades to existing accounts do not qualify for this program.

With complete confidentiality, we’ll send the check to your company, to you personally at your home, or to your preferred charity. If you are a current answering service account, we can also simply credit your account. Your choice!

Offer not eligible for clients with an existing preferred vendor relationship.

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For more information, email Jesse Merickel at jessem@centratel.com. You can also call Jesse between the hours of 7:00am and 4:00pm PST, at 1-800-664-7159.