Online On-call Scheduling Service

This feature will allow you to enter your on-call personnel into our system yourself, thereby putting you in 100% control of on-call scheduling thus removing potential error.  You’ll have real-time 24/7 access to your calendar so you can make updates from any internet connected computer or device.

Here’s feedback from one of our accounts:
“The online call scheduler has made it easy to manage a rotating call order. The ability to make on-the-fly changes for an hour or two is valuable as our on-call personnel must make quick temporary changes to accommodate their personal schedules.”

The service is fast, efficient, simple to use, puts you in control and is offered at no additional cost. This method of customer-controlled scheduling is quickly becoming the norm in our industry.

We can still provide manual scheduling for your account for a $25.00 monthly fee.

Please note if you need to add an additional employee to your account you will still need to contact a supervisor at Centratel. Once the employee is programmed into our system the employee will then be available on your online on-call system.

Please refrain from changing the colors of the on call personnel, as they are set to a certain color so that our operators can easily recognize the on call category.

Questions call 1-888-482-4393 or email:

Download the PDF tutorial document to share with your office

Download the PDF FAQs sheet

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