Being a Veterinarian is a challenging, yet rewarding career. These five tips for good management practices will help you increase revenue, improve client satisfaction with minimal stress and most of all contribute to happier clients. After all, happy clients are more likely to refer others and help you increase your client base.

  1. Start the day strong
    Whether it is the boost from caffeine, exercise or just natural rhythms, studies show that people are more energetic and productive in the morning. Make use of that energy by scheduling more difficult appointments in the morning. If you have time, use the mornings to call a team meeting and boost the synergy and moral of your team for the day.
  2. Stay in touch with your team
    Set regular check-ins throughout the day with staff to ensure tasks are being completed in a timely manner. Veterinary medicine often involves the coordination of many individuals within your organization making things happen. From the front office and scheduling to the vet techs and the DVM, everyone has to work in close coordination with one another to take care of your clients and patients. As the day moves forward take a moment to check in with everyone and make sure things are running smoothly.
  3. Use a telephone answering service for off hours
    Better management practices sometimes just require properly delegating tasks. Consider using a telephone answering service for daytime overflow, weekend and evening phone calls rather than putting that additional burden on your employees or yourself. Letting an outside service handle these calls will decrease staffing expenses and increase revenue.
  4. Seek client feedback
    Offer comment cards and surveys for your clients. If possible, set up an online portal to make it easy to submit requests. This will help you see what works and what doesn’t as you work to improve your practice.
  5. End the day by planning for tomorrow
    At the end of each day, sit down and make a list of everything you need to follow up on in the morning. This will help you hit the ground running and avoid being blindsided by a forgotten task. Once the list is complete, roll the phones over to your telephone answering service and enjoy some much-deserved time with friends or family.

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