Office Tech: Improve Efficiency with New Technology and Industry Specific Software

Many business practices are outdated. Consider, for example, the fax machine. Some businesses can’t get away from this, because their customer base insists on faxing. But it’s a paper-based process. You don’t look up printouts on your office server, they’re in a stack or drawer somewhere. Even if you scan those faxes, you have just an image so you can’t search by keyword to find the document. What other practices are outdated? Take a hard look at performance appraisals and time clocks for your employees, paper invoicing to your customers, and paper payments to your vendors.


Growing customer expectations and increased competition has led to a shift among service organizations. Forward-thinking companies now strive for excellence through optimization, and firms are laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s challenges by focusing on utilities like cross-organization integration, outcomes-based contracts, and zero-touch service in order to maintain a competitive edge. This speaks to a growing imperative among all service firms to build a digital-first organization, focus on process improvements, workforce excellence, and passing those time and value savings onto their customers. Industry specific software can give you the tools that you need to supercharge those initiatives.

Sometimes it can seem that the most difficult part of running a small business is selecting the proper software to take care of the more tedious details for you. Sure, your grandfather just sharpened his pencil when it came time to take care of the books, but this isn’t your grandfather’s business climate anymore. These days, there are many products available to streamline the process for you, so you can put your mind to more important things…like making money.

Deciding which is the best product for you is a matter of zeroing in on your business’s unique needs and perhaps identifying what business-related tasks you have zero tolerance for. Then you can select software to lighten your load.

With the right business software, you have a tool that can offer unparalleled breadth and depth, allowing you to accelerate your output and dynamically enhance your business, while making no compromises to the way that you go to market. The right software will give you the ability to see the whole picture of your service business, from the asset, through the execution. Making the right software upgrade may give you and your business the depth needed for you to challenge the boundaries of service excellence.

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