Summer is coming, but are your technicians equipped with the necessary tools to perform top of the line service? Here are the most important tools that HVAC technicians need to perform their jobs successfully during those hot months.

Reciprocating Saw Blades

Frequently referred to by the brand name Sawzall, reciprocating saw blades is an essential tool for HVAC technicians because it can cut through pretty much anything. The technician can purchase a long-lasting, durable saw while you can provide the blades they will need to get the job done right.

Vacuum Pump

One important thing to keep in mind: A job can’t be done right without an effective vacuum pump, so you’ll want to urge your technicians to add this tool to their arsenal. One of the purposes of a vacuum pump is to suck air and moisture from air conditioning lines. Technicians should use the vacuum pump to perform this task before charging the system with refrigerant this summer.

Mobile HVAC Software

Mobile HVAC software is needed to assist technicians with providing accurate estimates, performing the job in a timely manner, and communicating quickly and effectively with coworkers and customers. In order to offer your customers top of the line service, insist that your technicians use mobile HVAC software.

Refrigerant Scale

A refrigerant scale can help technicians determine the right amount of refrigerant to effectively charge an air conditioning system. There are many different refrigerant scales that exist, but it’s a great idea to encourage your technicians to choose one of the three most popular ones.

Cordless Drill

A cordless drill can make most HVAC situations easier for technicians. So, why not encourage your technicians to equip themselves with a cordless drill of 18 volts or more. In addition, technicians should carry a set of arbors, Phillips, hole saws, and hex. Give your technicians two batteries to ensure that the cordless drill lasts the entire day.


Several screwdrivers with insulated handles will prepare your technicians for virtually any job. The set should include hex screwdrivers, a handy flathead, and many different types of Phillips screwdrivers. When your technicians have these screwdrivers on hand, they will be prepared to handle the variety of bolts and screws found on HVAC systems, and the durable screwdrivers can serve multiple uses like pulling apart venting.

Pipe Wrenches And Pliers

A set of wrenches and pliers can be a secret weapon for HVAC technicians as it enables them to work on systems that consists of plumbing connections and natural gas lines. The set should definitely contain open-face, needle-nose, linesman, wire strippers, and channel lock pliers as well as durable pipe wrenches. Make sure that your technicians use pipe wrenches and pliers that feature insulated handles to avoid electrical shock.

Tin Snips And Shears

Tin snips and shears are necessary HVAC tools for effectively manipulating sheet metal. Encourage your technicians to carry these important tools to every job: extremely durable steel shears along with lefts, rights, and straight aviators tin snips.

Multi-Meter And Voltage Tester

HVAC technicians should strive to avoid electrical mishaps as much as possible. One of the ways to ensure that your technicians stay safe in the field is to equip them with a multi-meter and voltage tester. These electrical testers are designed to measure voltage and resistance, determine the presence of live wires, and perform other electrical tests on the job.

Obtaining A Great Telephone Answering Service Should Also Be A Priority This Summer

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