Right now in the United States, more than 80 percent of Americans either own or are interested in purchasing some type of connected home product in the next year. One of the most popular smart home controls available out there are thermostats and this, could be an excellent business opportunity for HVAC contractors everywhere.

We live in an on-demand society where your customers want the ability to control everything in their home with a touch screen or, even better using their voice. It is up to you as an HVAC business owner to make sure that your customers know they can purchase smart home controls like thermostats from you as part of your product offerings.

Of course, up-selling this type of products is no small challenge. You may already offer smart thermostats and other connected home products but so does just about everyone else. These products can be found at any home improvement store, all over the internet from Amazon to eBay and even right on the shelf at Target. So what can you do to make this sales avenue a profitable venture for your business?

The key is to educate your customers on why your company is the best option for these purchases. Making your customers aware that they can purchase these smart controls from you is just the first step. Next you need to inform them on why it is so important to have the controls installed properly by you or your technicians. Yes, they could go purchase the item from Amazon or a big box store and try to do it themselves but that is a bad idea. You are the expert in this industry. Your work is guaranteed, it is done neatly and it is done right the first time.

So this summer as your team of technicians is out there servicing air conditioning units, make sure that they are informing customers about your companies’ ability to sell, install and service the latest and greatest connected smart home controls, your bottom line will thank you.

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