According to many studies, less than ten percent of women work in construction. Given this statistic, the construction industry still has a long way to go, but fortunately, organizations and initiatives like Women In Construction and Women In The Mechanical Industry are working toward empowering women in these fields.

Women In Construction

The motto of Women In Construction is “Building a stronger industry together,” so it’s clear that this organization is doing big things. The primary goal of the organization is to increase the presence of women in construction, cultivate relationships with individuals who are looking to enable women in this field, and make the construction industry a true leader in workforce equality.

Women In Construction has made impressive strides toward a diverse workforce by networking through meetups, events, and conferences as well as providing tools and resources to companies and individuals who would also like to create a better workforce culture.

Women In The Mechanical Industry

Women In The Mechanical Industry is an initiative that inspires women to be great leaders and role models. The initiative holds a conference in the summer that features several excellent speakers, some of which have even been inducted into the National Women’s Hall Of Fame. If you are employed by an MCAA or MSCA member company, you are encourage to attend this conference for a one-in-a-lifetime experience.

In addition to its phenomenon summer conference, Women In The Mechanical Industry is also known for giving scholarships to high achieving women who would like to enter this field.

The Mechanical And HVAC Industries Are Becoming More Women-Friendly

Although women face many challenges working in a predominately male field, the mechanical and HVAC industries are slowly becoming more women-friendly, thanks to the support of organizations and initiatives like Women In Construction and Women In The Mechanical Industry. Of course, as an increasingly amount of women join the industries, the challenges that women endure in these fields will lessen.

Are you ready to give these industries a try? If you are already in the mechanical or HVAC industry, encourage some of your girlfriends to join you.

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