It’s that time of year when the weather seems to be in upheaval. You know what that means for your HVAC business. Any sudden change in the weather can cause problems for your customers. Whether it’s a sudden heat wave, cold snap, or series of storms, your phone could be deluged with calls.

That’s the nature of the HVAC business. Everyone’s systems seem to go wrong at the same time. And everyone needs seasonal installations, cleaning, and inspections. With major projects, people often wait until the last minute. All of this adds up to a deluge of calls, all at once.

That’s a good thing for business. But what if you miss those calls, or get overwhelmed in tracking them? You’re busy at what you do best: working with HVAC systems. You can’t keep stopping to answer the phone, let alone juggle so many incoming details in the middle of a project. If you have a team, you need them working in the field, not fielding phone calls.

And when people feel like their HVAC system is in crisis, they’re not going to wait or try again later. They will move on to the next HVAC business on their list.

What if there were a way to capture those important calls and details, while still focusing on what you do best?

That’s where a successful answering service, invested in the HVAC business, can help you navigate the flood of phone calls.

  • What if someone could take messages for routine maintenance appointment calls and dispatch those to your office?
  • How much would it help if your technicians were immediately alerted of cancelled calls, saving on travel expenses?
  • When you have an account manager out in the field, wouldn’t it be great to be notified right away of a new sales inquiry in that same location?

A dedicated HVAC answering service can help with these situations and more.

In choosing an answering service, you want to be sure it is integrated seamlessly with your HVAC business. Your answering service represents your HVAC company. How do your after-hours and emergency calls need to be handled? What determines an actual emergency? With a great answering service, your customers will feel that your business honors and values them.

For a person whose HVAC system needs repair, a calm voice and verbal assurance can go a long way. Maybe you can’t get to that person immediately. But a professional answering service can help that person know that his problems matter to you. The customer will feel that he is getting immediate and valued attention. It’s the next best thing to being there, and he will be calmer when you arrive too.

That’s a great way to nurture customer relationships for the long run. The customer won’t remember how long it took you to get there. He will remember how quickly you took away his concerns.

As you’re weathering the next deluge of phone calls, it might help to think about the different ways an answering service could help. Make a quick note of what your phone needs are. What are your challenges with how your calls are handled right now? If you could have help, what would that look like? What would make things easier for you? This will help you decide which particular benefits you need the most from an answering service, and how that service can best work for you.

Centratel is an elite national telephone answering service located in Bend, Oregon. Centratel’s HVAC Answering Service assists hundreds of heating, ventilation and air conditioning businesses during and after-hours, throughout the United States and is, by a variety of statistics, the highest quality answering service available among the approximately 1,500 services nationwide.

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