The fastest growing industry in the United States is home healthcare. 
According to a recent study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS, the home healthcare industry will create a total of 760,400 new jobs before 2024. The new jobs will be for a wide variety of healthcare professionals including personal care aides, nurse practitioners, clinical managers, registered nurses, and specialty therapists. Many experts believe that the steady increase of jobs in this industry is coincided with many workforce challenges.

Since home healthcare agencies will be competing with other established healthcare sectors for quality employees, overcoming workplace shortages will be the biggest challenge of increased healthcare positions. The best way to tackle this problem is with effective staff planning. When staff planning is implemented effectively, your skilled care at home agency will be able to successfully manage temporary staff, easily fill gaps in care, and recruit large numbers of permanent new hires. The most productive employees are ones who receive on-the-job training, so at-home agencies should add this to their staff planning. When healthcare professionals are not hired and managed properly, most at home agencies will experience employee burnout, loss of revenue, and lapses of proactive care. If you notice staff members complaining of fatigue or your scheduler is having a hard time filling shifts, you could be in need of more effective staff planning.

With effective staff planning, skilled care at home can result in greater patient satisfaction, higher quality care, and better patient compliance with treatment. But if you want to overcome workplace shortages in the long term, you’ll definitely need an effective live answering service. Instead of calls going to voicemail or a phone tree, they can be directed to an after hours phone system when a caregiver calls out for a scheduled appointment. Not only will an after hours answering service give the owner or staff members a break from being constantly tethered to their cell phone, the set-up will also enable professionals to send a replacement caregiver to the client in a timely manner. By utilizing a live answering service, your at home agency will be able to handle workforce challenges successfully.

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