Baby boomers have always been a revolutionary generation and a force for change. As they get older, they have changed how we view aging, and they are changing the funeral industry as well. Increasingly, people want funerals that are personalized and that reflect the lives and values of those who are being mourned.


Part of this trend is that people are increasingly planning their own funerals and leaving instructions with their loved ones about how they would like the ceremony to be conducted. This could include a list of songs the person would like played or might identify who the speakers at the funeral should be.


Traditionally, funerals have been held in such places as churches or funeral homes. Today, you can find funerals that are held in almost any locations, including parks, restaurants and homes. Any place that was meaningful to the individual can be a wonderful place to have a funeral, and funeral home directors can still help in planning and execution. Another option might be transforming a room in the funeral home itself in a way that reflects an aspect of the person’s life.

The Service

Rather than a traditional funeral service, which might be conducted by a religious leader and follow a fairly formal and structured program, family members might instead opt for a very unstructured funeral in which they take turns telling stories about the loved one as they are moved to do so. Some people may want the service to reflect specific interests from the person’s life. For example, if the person was an artist or a craftsperson, some of the person’s work might be displayed.

Another option is displaying meaningful photos of the loved one. Some funeral homes offer the option of putting together a digital slideshow.

The program might also include popular music that was meaningful to the person.

Other Non-Traditional Options

Some people might want to be cremated. There is no reason that a funeral home cannot assist in planning a service for a cremation just as it would with a burial. Another consideration might be a green funeral. This might be appropriate for someone who was concerned about the environment. What happens in a green funeral might vary according to location and other factors, but it might simply involve a service in a natural setting using recycled and biodegradable products, or it might be more involved and include not embalming and other natural funeral practices.

Loved ones of the deceased who are looking for support and guidance may not confine their questions and concerns about these personalized funerals to regular business hours. For this reason, it can be important to have a professional, experienced answering service so that it is always possible to reach someone. Family members will feel that they are good hands throughout the process when they are able to speak with another person any time of the day or night instead of having to leave a message.

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