Everyone celebrates something. Of course, many cultures celebrate the same events and holidays such as weddings, birthdays and New Year’s. Why do we designate one day a year to celebrate our Telephone Service Representatives (TSRs)?

The primary role of a Telephone Answering Service is to answer incoming calls and then relay the urgent or non-urgent message to clients. The TSR’s job is like that of a 911 operator. The task is to process incoming telephone calls quickly, efficiently, with no error, while maintaining a pleasant and calm demeanor, even during stressful situations. Answering these calls is serious business; time is of the essence. Accuracy is critical and in some instances, lives can be at stake.

The TSR profession is not for everyone, which is why every first Friday in May Centratel celebrates TSR Day, making a point to recognize the hard work, loyalty, and terrific performances of these talented people, some of whom have been with Centratel over twenty years….

A little bit about our TSR’s backgrounds: their ages range from 23 through 63, including 2 men and 24 women. Their education varies from high school diploma through master’s degree. Some past occupations: customer service manager, car salesman, receptionist, football coach, dental assistant, small business owner, teacher, waitress, mechanic, process server, legal secretary, retail salesperson, customer service representative, office manager, nanny.

It’s a fun, mixed group that is the very reason for our elite-status, nationally recognized answering service.

This year marks the 10th year celebration of TSR Day! Our staff is, by any number of measurements, world class.

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