When you work with an answering service there are many benefits that come along with it for you and your business. Besides having live phone coverage 24/7, possibly the greatest benefit is real time message relay.

As an extension of your business, the answering service (Centratel) can collect all of the information that you need from the caller and immediately send it over to you or your staff. That means that in real time, literally seconds after receiving a call, our operators will send the message to you so that you don’t ever miss out on a patient call, a service call or a new lead.

Sure, in a perfect world, you would be available to pick up the phone on every call but let’s face it; you have too much going on to dedicate yourself to the phones. And the reality is that your staff is probably busy with more important tasks than answering the phone every-time it rings too. But Centratel is staffed with long-term, professional operators, in house that are trained to handle your phones and take care of your callers.

Using criteria that you provide, our operators can filter through calls to determine truly urgent calls vs. non-urgent calls and send messages accordingly. After-hours urgent messages can be relayed to an on-call person immediately, in real time assuring that the caller will be taken care of. Of course, during normal business hours, all calls can be sent over to your designated staff members in real time just as though we were another receptionist right there in your front office. Sales calls can go directly to your sales team, service calls to your service department and scheduling or billing questions can go straight to your admin staff.

Information and communication in real time, just one of the many important business tools that an answering service can add to your company when utilized as a virtual receptionist. So go ahead and forward your phones with confidence knowing that your answering service really is an extension of your business.

Note: Centratel Telephone Answering Service focuses on a select number of vertical markets, including Medical, Veterinary, HVAC, Home Health and Hospice, Property Management, Disaster Restoration. Centratel answering service serves approximately 1,500 clients. Located in Bend, Oregon, we provide services to clients in every one of the 50 states. There is simple pricing with no hidden fees and no long-term contracts. Is your business or profession one of our answering service specialties?

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