Summer — sandy toes, smell of food on the grill, fishing by the lake, catching sunrays by the water, refreshing drinks by the pool. Picture yourself enjoying your favorite summer activity. Whether it be with your kids, pets, or family, summer is the season for fun and relaxation. Not a season for worries!

Here are some common questions for summer staffing:

  • If multiple employees take their vacation at the same time during the summer, who will keep the business operating?
  • Will anybody be available to answer emails?
  • What if phone traffic increases?
  • Can every call be answered promptly?

As a business owner or manager, you can’t put off your dream vacation to run a one-man show.

Sure, you can implement guidelines to regulate vacations requests or hire another temporary staff member, but the time it takes to create new documentation and interview applicants is already non-existent. Ultimately you’re taking time away from your vacation.

Being under-staffed is worrisome, and with today’s growing technology, customers expect their questions to be answered instantaneously. A simple phone call can impact customer loyalty. Every phone call is an opportunity for business, and when a caller reaches a voicemail recording, they are likely to do one of two things: leave a message or hangup. Most will do the later option. People today are not keen on leaving voicemail messages. They prefer to either call back later or call another company.

Hiring a telephone answering service can wash those worries away. At Centratel, our TSRs (Telephone Service Representatives) handle every call up to 24/7/365, based on your unique business requirements. A TSR receives the call, answers according to the specifications given by you, and relays the message appropriately. Clients will be thrilled to have their call answered promptly. Most importantly, your employees will be: less stressed without pressure from the phones ringing off the hooks, able to focus on one client at a time, free to enjoy their vacation and able to love their job.

Let our wonderful staff take care of your summer calls and allow your employees, and YOU, to take that much needed time off. Keep your summer state of mind: don’t worry.

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