What is Social Media Marketing?

“Social Media Marketing” is a potent buzz-phrase going around small business circles right now, and there are valid reasons why. It’s a great way to connect with people. It’s a scalable method to being transparent about your top-notch service. And, it allows customers to connect with you, one-on-one, on their turf.

What social media marketing is not:

  • Constant posting of cat videos and cute babies (unless you’re a veterinarian or pediatrician).
  • Search-engine optimizing your website for higher Google, Bing, or Yahoo rankings.
  • Email marketing campaigns, designed around converting a sale

What social media marketing is:

  • Connecting with real people who have real interests and real problems, in a two-way open environment
  • Providing interest-based, location-targeted, or demographic-focused value and help to these people, in a “pot-luck” style fashion
  • Responding to customer enthusiasm, confusion, or disappointment, in a quick and genuine way, encouraging further connection with your brand, providing clarity, or assuaging concerns.

You probably know the top two social media channels – Facebook and Twitter. As well, YouTube and Instagram are very popular for content sharing. But did you know there are social media networks that are mostly in-depth Q&A?

Reddit and its many sub-forums is one of the largest social media networks in the world, where people from all over contribute based on location, interest, or demographic.

StackOverflow is another large social media network, where tech industry professionals and enthusiasts share questions, vote top-answers, and reward for community contribution.

Quora is an open Q&A social media network, that is more skewed towards business specific questions.

There are thousands of others. Maybe there’s a social media network for your specific market-vertical, location, or customer interest base. If so, now’s the time to get started participating and gaining community recognition for contribution.

Still confused? Pathway One has a team of marketing experts who can help you navigate getting started in the right direction with your small business.

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