Answering Service Systems
Standing outside and slightly elevated to see the entire system.

If you want to see where you fit in the machine that is your life, you must observe it from an external vantage point. You must stand outside of it if you are to see how you are a part of it.

There is nothing shadowy in this. This is only about seeing your existence more precisely.

There is no need for me to list a one-through-ten-step process for making the Method produce results. You must simply see the processes in your life with the same clarity with which you perceive the physical objects around you. Once that happens, the rest will be fill-in-the-blanks sensibility.

Again, here’s how you will see your world: the day’s happenings are visible as individual processes, arranged in logical sequences. It’s borderline metaphysical as you hover above your world. You are the watcher, the observer of your life. The day slides by like poetry.

Considering your new mindset, you ask yourself, “Why couldn’t I see this before?” You look back on your previous life and observe that, embroiled in minutiae, you were blind to the processes that lay beneath the happenings of the day. You remember the moment the shroud lifted, when sequential life systems became visible and your perception of the world’s workings shifted. You also recall the first inklings of the potency of systems Methodology and how soon it proved itself in action. Tangible rewards came quickly, and you remember that removing the shroud didn’t take a whole lot of faith or hard work, just some quiet observation.

Note: Centratel CEO and international business consultant Sam Carpenter has written extensively on the concepts of system improvement and the systems mindset. Centratel’s Home Health and Hospice Answering Service assists hundreds of clinics during and after-hours, throughout the United States and is, by a variety of statistics, the highest quality answering service available among the approximately 1,500 services nationwide.

Photo Credits: Tom Ryaboi

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