This is the first of what will be a regular installment of articles to showcase a staff member of Centratel. It seems fitting to have the first installment of our employee spotlight to be Teresa Abbas as April marked her 10 year anniversary.

Centratel's Billing Office Manager Teresa Abbas

A vital member of our team, Teresa is our Billing/Office Manager. We could not be more delighted to have such a wonderful person working with us for the past decade.

Teresa started her career with Centratel as a Telephone Service Representative (TSR) in April of 2007. She quickly climbed the ranks to become a Supervisor after her first year, and then after her second year she became the Automated Services and Billing Manager. In 2012, we changed Teresa’s title to Billing/Office Manager as the Automated part no longer seemed to fit her daily duties. She takes great pride in her role as office manager, ensuring that everything runs smoothly, from coordinating drug screens for employees, ordering supplies and organizing our events around the office. But what she really enjoys is her job as our Billing Manager: making sure that our billing is done on time and accurately takes a lot of hard work and focus. And no one is more suited for the job of collecting late payments than Teresa. In fact, her nickname around the office is “T-Money”.

Teresa works directly under our CEO, Andi Freeman. We asked Andi to give us a few thoughts about Teresa, her longevity here and her overall can-do attitude.

As our Billing Manager, Teresa is the perfect fit as she is extremely detail-oriented, hard-working and is continually discovering systems improvements in her department. Our clients love her as she finds positive solutions to a wide array of challenges. For me, working with Teresa is a pleasure… and in the decade we’ve worked side-by-side…I’ve personally learned a lot about life on a farm!

We also asked Teresa a few questions about her job here at Centratel:

What is your favorite part of your job?

Our clients are great to work with. I have been able to create a personable rapport with them. I think it’s nice that each time they call they know they will talk with me.

What is your least favorite part of your job?

Collection calls; it can be tough at times.

Tell us a little bit about your life outside of the workplace?

I have a wonderful husband of 13 years and two great kids. Weekends are filled with sports, games and country farm living.

What advice would you tell new TSR’s just starting out?

If you are willing to work hard there are great opportunities here. Even though at times it can be tough, it flies by so fast that you look back and see how far you have grown and the strides you have made. Coming to work at Centratel has been one of my best decisions.

Thank you to Teresa for all of your hard work and dedication, and congratulations on 10 years with Centratel, it just wouldn’t be the same without you here.

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