Although many business owners are used to taking on many different roles, the act of juggling too many responsibilities can take a tremendous toll on their financial, mental, and physical health. The good news is that there is a way to regain control of your schedule and obtain more freedom. Here are the top three ways that a call center can significantly improve your life/work balance.

Work Only During Normal Business Hours

Many business owners frequently take on the big responsibility of answering telephone calls and responding to emails, and the owners who aren’t performing these daily tasks often hire someone internally for this essential job. Whether business owners are answering telephone calls themselves or hiring someone internally for the job, the decision to keep these important responsibilities in house can cost business owners a lot of time and money.

Due to the simple fact that an excellent call center has already found the right professionals to respond to telephone calls, many of which may involve taking orders, answering questions, or creating invoices/shipments, getting a service that is devoted to answering telephone calls offers you peace of mind knowing that an experienced team is handling all of your telephone calls. In addition, this must-have service enables you to take a break from working outside normal business hours and truly relax when you should be relaxing.

Reclaim Your Weekends

As a successful business owner, you are probably aware of the fact that you spend just about the same amount of time working during the week as you do on the weekends. When you partner with a top notch call center, not only will you be able to work only during business hours, you’ll also get your weekends back.

Basically, while the call center is turning a simple inquiry into a customer by selling your product or booking an appointment, you can be spending your weekends catching up with family and friends, reading a book, or even taking a much needed nap. Regardless of whether your company is open or not, this service can manage the majority of your phone calls so that you can enjoy the weekends in peace.

Get Your Time Back

One of the overreaching goals of a partnering with a call center that offers telephone services is that business owners will be able to use their time more wisely. If you are like most business owners, you have probably answered a work call during your daughter’s dance recital or missed many of your son’s baseball games because you were responding to customers’ calls at work.

With a great telephone answering service, you’ll be getting a good amount of your precious time back. Instead of reserving your evenings for customer calls, your evenings can now be full of relaxation activities such as watching your children’s sports games, spending time with your partner, or hanging out with friends.

Obtain The Support You Need to Achieve a Great Work/Life Balance

After reading all of these great benefits of partnering with an excellent call center, wouldn’t you agree that a telephone answering service is the key to reclaiming your time, freedom, and sanity? Just remember that when you place your complete trust in this type of service for after-hours calls, you’ll be lightening your work load while ensuring that potential and current customers have a positive experience with your company.

We are sure that our service is the right solution for obtaining a good work/life balance. Give us a call today to make Centratel your trusted call center partner.

Note: Centratel Telephone Answering Service focuses on a select number of vertical markets, including Medical, Veterinary, HVAC, Home Health and Hospice, Property Management, Disaster Restoration. Centratel answering service serves approximately 1,500 clients. Located in Bend, Oregon, we provide services to clients in every one of the 50 states. There is simple pricing with no hidden fees and no long-term contracts. Is your business or profession one of our answering service specialties?

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