The 4th of July has come and gone once again. Like every year, millions of Americans got to enjoy a day off of work to relax and celebrate with family and friends. A day at the lake or maybe just a backyard barbeque and watching fireworks, for many business owners, the ability to close down the office on this mid-week holiday comes in large part due to the use of an answering service.

Service based businesses, whether it is an HVAC and Refrigeration company or a Home Health Care provider, know that they may be able to close the office for the day but that doesn’t mean that urgent situations stop happening for their clients. They also know that just because it’s a holiday, people will still call the office if they need help.

An answering service allows a business owner peace of mind that closed or not, their calls are always going to be handled with the care and professionalism that they require. By setting up protocols for the answering service to follow, the urgent needs of callers will be taken care of as though it were any other day of the year. The answering service will collect the essential information from the caller, use emergency criteria as directed by the business owner to determine whether or not the message needs to be sent immediately or can wait, and then relay the message to the correct on-call staff member.

Be it an on-call physician, nurse, veterinarian, HVAC technician, or property manager, a high quality answering service will make sure that messages are delivered to the appropriate person accurately and in a timely manner. A business owner can depend on an answering service to keep their business up and running even when they are not there to do so themselves.

At Centratel, our dedicated staff is available 24/7 and like every holiday, we were fully staffed over the 4th of July holiday to answer our clients’ calls. To learn more call us today and let us tell you about what we can offer as an extension of your business.

Note: Centratel Telephone Answering Service focuses on a select number of vertical markets, including Medical, Veterinary, HVAC, Home Health and Hospice, Property Management. Centratel answering service serves approximately 1,400 clients. Located in Bend, Oregon, we provide services to clients in every one of the 50 states. There is simple pricing with no hidden fees and no long-term contracts. Is your business or profession one of our answering service specialties?

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