Business-client relationships! You know this already: constantly, new ones are made, old ones are rekindled, and some are ended. Healthy relationships aren’t established overnight. They take time and effort to cultivate. What is the key to building a strong relationship? Simple answer…trust. If clients trust you and your company, they will remain loyal.

How do you establish trust with your customers? Is it by meeting deadlines? Returning their calls promptly? Following up on a new purchase?

Of course, the usual client interaction occurs through multiple methods: email, social media, blog posts, meetings, etc. At Centratel, we also use many forms of interaction with our clients, but our main method is one-on-one conversation via telephone.

Every call is equally important and recognized as a prime opportunity to build and strengthen a client relationship. Our client retention rate illustrates the effectiveness of our methodology: a new client remains with our answering service for an average of six and a half years. Want to know how we accomplish this?

At Centratel, we use a few simple guidelines to enhance client relationships over the phone:

  • Put a smile in your voice by putting a smile on your face! Be positive!
  • Be genuine. Steer away from scripted greetings. Don’t sound like a machine.
  • Be attentive. Listen to the client, but always maintain control of the conversation.
  • Be courteous and use a respectful tone of voice. It comforts the caller.
  • Use the customer’s name at least twice during the conversation.
  • Give them information. Don’t know the answer to a caller’s question? That’s OK! Just be honest, and give assurance that you will do the necessary research and get back to them. Specify a date and time you will return the call with the answers they need.

Clearly, customer loyalty is vital. And that loyalty hinges on healthy relationships built on trust. Implement these simple guidelines and dramatically enhance your client relationships. Watch your customer loyalty grow…it’s priceless!

*Centratel is an elite national telephone answering service located in Bend, Oregon. Centratel’s HVAC Answering Service assists hundreds of heating, ventilation and air conditioning businesses during and after-hours, throughout the United States and is, by a variety of statistics, the highest quality answering service available among the approximately 1,500 services nationwide.

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