Is your HVAC business ready in case a disaster strikes?

Jesse Merickel Answering Service White Papers
08 Feb 2018

When you think about disaster planning for your HVAC business, you might think about large-scale disasters such as earthquakes, terrorist attacks or epidemics. However, disasters on a much smaller scale, such as a fire or burst pipes, can also disrupt your business. Whether a disaster is large enough in scope that it affects your customers […]

Case Study #1: No Heat in the Middle of the Night

Jesse Merickel Answering Service White Papers
01 Feb 2018

When Steve Miller woke up at 1:40 AM, he immediately noticed the deep winter chill pervading the room. Without waking his wife, Mona or their 10-month old baby sleeping in his crib, Steve crept downstairs to check his smart thermostat, and was dismayed to find the temperature had dropped to 52°. He reset the thermostat […]

The problem with voicemail

Jesse Merickel Answering Service White Papers
25 Jan 2018

About a year ago, I came home from work to an absolute disaster. The hose on my washing machine had cracked and sprung a leak. In case you are not aware of this, there is a hose that attaches directly to the machine from a water source that is turned on full stream. This means […]

How to Start a Mobile Veterinary Clinic

Amanda Davis Answering Service White Papers
10 Jan 2018

Mobile veterinary clinics provide an answer for two pressing needs: first, the need for pet owners to find convenient and timely veterinary services and, second, the need for veterinarians to find a cost-effective way to provide treatment. A travelling veterinary clinic has dramatically less overhead and fixed cost than a traditional clinic and pet owners […]

The Right Tools for Your HVAC Business

Jesse Merickel Answering Service White Papers
13 Dec 2017

In the heating, ventilation and air conditioning business your tools are your trade, and without them you couldn’t offer the full range of services required to succeed in a highly competitive field. Basic hand tools, power tools (electric drill and saw), electrical, gas and refrigeration testing equipment, sheet metal cutting, shaping and punching tools, a […]

How to enjoy the holiday season stress free? Use an answering service

Andi Freeman Answering Service White Papers
15 Nov 2017

‘Tis the Season to Protect Your Customer Base – Eliminate Holiday Stress with an Answering Service The holiday season brings chaos for many businesses. Employees start requesting time off as Christmas parties and other seasonal activities clutter their calendars. Temperatures plummet, and the cold and flu season sets in. It’s understandable if you often end […]

HIPAA Breach Notification Rule Don’t Violate it!

Andi Freeman Answering Service White Papers
08 Nov 2017

Every month it seems another company is making headlines for HIPAA violations. In 2017, Chicago-based Presence Health kicked off the year agreeing to pay a whopping $475,000 for violating the Breach Notification System. This is the first violation of it’s kind and resulted when the healthcare system failed to report a breach in a timely […]