International Women’s Day – Angie Hodges

Andi Freeman Answering Service White Papers
16 Mar 2017

In honor of last week’s International Womens Day, Centratel wanted to recognize an exemplary member of our staff. Angie Hodges, an employee of Centratel for nearly seven years has risen through the ranks from Telephone Service Representative to Executive Assistant. Centratel is not only lucky but excited to announce that Angie has recently been named […]

Extracting Oneself

Sam Carpenter Answering Service White Papers
09 Mar 2017

So many times, a business owner wallows within the inner machinery of his or her business. As a long-term strategy, it’s a huge error. But in getting a confused business straightened out, it’s the mandatory first step. I own a telephone answering service – we handle after-hours urgent calls for our wide assortment of clients […]

Does Your Automated Attendant Have Abandonment Issues?

Sam Carpenter Answering Service White Papers
01 Mar 2017

A friend Diana and I just bought a small business in eastern Kentucky. Twelve employees. To be diplomatic about it, I’ll say that the administrative department of the business was “not optimal”, and there was one key element that was especially inefficient: it was the automated attendant that was used to capture after-hours calls. You […]

Methodology at Centratel for using Courtesy Titles

Sam Carpenter Answering Service White Papers
23 Feb 2017

We’ve become much more informal when speaking with one another, to the point of using first names almost exclusively. Years ago it was the norm to call anyone older than yourself by a courtesy title such as Mr., Ms., or Mrs. These days if you call a support line for assistance, the representative will call […]

Communication Basics – The Fundamentals

Sam Carpenter Answering Service White Papers
13 Feb 2017

If there is a problem with someone, have a meeting immediately. Talk it out one-on-one. If silence ensues, do something to promote dialogue. But be careful. If emotions are running high, consciously wait for the situation to calm down. Be accessible. Give people an opportunity to leave a private message if you are not available. […]

Systems in Your Business

Sam Carpenter Answering Service White Papers
07 Feb 2017

Centratel is a high-tech telephone answering service. For fifteen years it floundered, my personal life a reflection of its chaos. Then I attained a new “systems”  mindset, and immediately the pressure began to drop. Not too far down the line, as I relentlessly applied the protocols described here, my workweek was reduced 98 percent while […]

Escaping from the Belly of the Beast

Sam Carpenter Answering Service White Papers
23 Jan 2017

(Adapted from the book, Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making more and Working Less, Third Edition, by Sam Carpenter) Some years ago I participated in Cycle Oregon, a weeklong bicycle tour. It was early September, and two thousand of us pedaled an average of seventy-five miles each day through remote eastern Oregon. At […]

Top Qualities of an HVAC Answering Service

Sam Carpenter Answering Service White Papers
16 Jan 2017

Everyone is familiar with the aphorism, “you get what you pay for” and it is the perfect place to start when looking at an HVAC telephone answering services. An answering service’s rates can directly impact the quality of call handling for your clients. Lowest rates and highest quality? It’s Simply Impossible An answering service cannot […]

What to look for in your HVAC Answering Service

Sam Carpenter Answering Service White Papers
10 Jan 2017

First of all, let’s talk about the “why” of having an after-hours answering service for your HVAC business. There are three primary reasons: So your clients can reach you quickly in an emergency So you can capture new business as it is sent to you via advertising, word of mouth, etc. To protect your privacy; […]