How Can an HVAC Company Save Money by Using an Answering Service?

Jesse Merickel Answering Service White Papers
11 Oct 2017

Heating, air conditioning and ventilation companies can improve their performance and enhance their reputations by partnering with contractors that share their professionalism and commitment to customer service. Partnerships between HVAC contractors and experienced answering service companies like Centratel Answering Service can be especially productive. Trained Telephone Service Representatives (TSRs) offer fast, reliable and efficient communication […]

What is HIPAA Compliance and why is it important?

Andi Freeman Answering Service White Papers
04 Oct 2017

What is HIPAA? 

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act provides measures for protecting medical information. This federal law requires that all organizations or persons working in the health care industry and those who have access to protected health information (PHI) comply with federal privacy and security regulations. Privacy regulations apply to all persons having […]

Answering Service Case Study: Hurricane Doesn’t Stop Home Healthcare Provider

Peter DeHaan Answering Service White Papers
28 Sep 2017

Ivey Home Healthcare provides high-quality home healthcare services including nursing, therapy, social work, dietetics, and pre and post-natal care, as well as durable medical equipment. Ivey fills a significant need for high quality, cost-effective home healthcare in the communities it serves. The recent hurricane severely tested Ivey’s quality assurance standards. Ocean salts blew into key […]

Meet Our Staff – Lannie Dell

Sam Carpenter Answering Service White Papers
25 Aug 2017

Hi, I’m Sam Carpenter, founder and president of Centratel, still very much involved, especially when it comes to the people who work for our company. I am especially enthusiastic to personally write this “employee spotlight,” featuring Lannie Dell. Why? Because Lannie has worked for my telephone answering service company for 26 years. Following are highlights […]

Property Manager Matt Franklin’s Very Best Friend

Sam Carpenter Answering Service White Papers
08 Aug 2017

Managing a brand new apartment complex in a city in Indiana, Matt was new to the business and, without considering a backup strategy, he and his two assistant managers, maintenance man and a security guard constantly lived on the edge, trying to balance their 600 tenants’ immediate demands with their own personal life-requirements (that, they […]

HVAC Hot and Cold: Busy Times and Customer Loyalty

Sam Carpenter Answering Service White Papers
01 Aug 2017

For over three decades, my answering service staff has worked intensely with not just the HVAC owners who pay us to handle their phone traffic, but also with their customers who call us in hopes of solving what is usually an immediate problem. We’ve handled millions of calls from people who need help with their […]

Mind-Set and Focus: Strengthen Your Brain Power

Sam Carpenter Answering Service White Papers
25 Jul 2017

We humans have an attention span of 8 seconds, the target-time bull riders strive to reach in bull riding – incredibly short! How do we get anything accomplished? This fact is important to remember for anyone who wants to improve mental performance and mechanical results at work and at home. Here are some tips for […]

Automated Versus Live Answering Services

Katlyne King Answering Service White Papers
20 Jul 2017

Today, speed matters: the quicker we can complete or receive something, the happier we are. When calling a company regarding payments, problems, or questions, customers want their calls answered and handled NOW! Using an automated system to answer the phone and direct the customer to the proper contact has its benefits: Less money and time […]

Summer State of Mind

Katlyne King Answering Service White Papers
11 Jul 2017

Summer — sandy toes, smell of food on the grill, fishing by the lake, catching sunrays by the water, refreshing drinks by the pool. Picture yourself enjoying your favorite summer activity. Whether it be with your kids, pets, or family, summer is the season for fun and relaxation. Not a season for worries! Here are […]

King of the Mountain Marketing

Andy Vaughn Answering Service White Papers
06 Jul 2017

There’s an old adage in marketing that every dollar you spend should yield two dollars. And while the specifics of this are flexible ($1.50, $3, $5, …or more), the concept is sound. By adding an advertising budget, you are spending money to help your business earn more money. If you’ve already got a working advertising […]