When the Air Conditioner Breaks Down in a Heat Wave

Jesse Merickel Answering Service White Papers
19 Apr 2018

Sorrell’s Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning was a small, three-person operation with a thriving business in a mid-sized city in southern Missouri. To save money the company president, Richard Sorrell, contracted an answering service to handle all business calls, seven days a week, 24 hours per day. Despite Sorrell HVAC’s modest size, its technicians were […]

When the Weather Brings a Deluge of HVAC Calls

Andi Freeman Answering Service White Papers
29 Mar 2018

It’s that time of year when the weather seems to be in upheaval. You know what that means for your HVAC business. Any sudden change in the weather can cause problems for your customers. Whether it’s a sudden heat wave, cold snap, or series of storms, your phone could be deluged with calls. That’s the […]

How Does an Answering Service Work?

Jesse Merickel Answering Service White Papers
15 Mar 2018

An answering service is different from a call center because the focus is on answering after-hours and emergency phone calls for small businesses. While a call center may take orders from shoppers and supply basic information about a large corporation, professional answering services often answer calls for service-oriented businesses. Think about the homeowner trying to […]

How to Provide Great Customer Service

Jesse Merickel Answering Service White Papers
22 Feb 2018

Think about the last time you had to contact a company because of an issue with their product or services. What was the experience like? How did you feel about the company afterward? A business is only as good as its customer service. Your customers always have the choice to take their business elsewhere, and […]

Is your HVAC business ready in case a disaster strikes?

Jesse Merickel Answering Service White Papers
08 Feb 2018

When you think about disaster planning for your HVAC business, you might think about large-scale disasters such as earthquakes, terrorist attacks or epidemics. However, disasters on a much smaller scale, such as a fire or burst pipes, can also disrupt your business. Whether a disaster is large enough in scope that it affects your customers […]