Voicemail Instructions-Retrieving Messages

  1. Dial your Voicemail number
  2. Press “*” while the greeting is playing
  3. Enter your Passcode

You will hear “No messages” or “You have XX new messages”

  • If you hear “You have XX new messages”, press “1” to listen to your message(s)

While listening to your messages you can:

  • Press “1” for detailed message information (for example: the date/time the message was left)
  • Press “3” for Advanced Options
  • Press “4” to Return to the first message received
  • Press “5” to Repeat the message
  • Press “6” to go to the Next message
  • Press “7” to Delete the message
  • Press “9” to Save this message
  • Press “*” for Help or multiple times to go back one menu
  • Press “#”

After listening to a message, it will be moved from the New Messages Folder to the Old Messages Folder, until deleted.

To listen to messages in a different folder:

  • Press “*” to get to the main menu
  • Press “2” to Change Folders
    • Select folder
      • Press “0” for New Messages Folder
      • Press “1” for Old Messages Folder
      • Press “2” for Work Folder
      • Press “3” for Family Folder
      • Press “4” for Friends Folder
      • Press “#” to cancel
    • After selecting the folder
    • Press 1 to listen to the messages in the folder