Secure Messaging Plus

Updated February 22, 2018

What is Secure Messaging Plus?

Secure Messaging Plus (SM+) is a high-security messaging system that allows subscribers to exchange sensitive information via messages that are encrypted in transit and at rest. Additional features, like Expiring Messages, Password Requirements, and Remote Wipe (for users who also use the SM+ Website), add extra security to ensure that private messages always remain private. Secure messages can be sent or received using a qualified handheld device running the Secure Messaging Plus App, or by logging into a Secure Messaging Plus Website.

Is Secure Messaging Plus HIPAA, HITECH, GLBA and SOX compliant?

Our Secure Messaging Plus Application ensures full compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, GLBA, and SOX. The Secure Messaging Plus application ensures that PHI is…

  • Stored securely
  • Encrypted when transmitted
  • Protected upon delivery
  • Fully HIPAA, HITECH, GLBA and SOX compliant

Is Secure Messaging Plus available on multiple platforms?

Yes, the Secure Messaging Plus Application is available for a variety of mobile operating systems / platforms, including: iOS® (for iPhone®, iPad®, iTouch®), Android® OS, and via a secure Website.

How do I get started?

There are two simple steps for getting started using Secure Messaging Plus Application:

Step 1: Download the Application as directed by the Product sponsor.
The Secure Messaging Plus Application can be downloaded to a variety of mobile platforms/ operating systems— including Apple iOS® (iPAD®, iTouch®, iPhone®); and Android® OS (any smart phone utilizing the Android mobile operating system).

Step 2: Enter the User ID and Password provided by Centratel.
Once you’ve received User ID and Password from Centratel, and have entered it into your application, you’re ready to begin sending and receiving secure messages. It’s that simple!

Are Secure Messages Stored on the Phone Itself?

Yes, the secure messages that you receive on your smart phone remain on your phone until you choose to delete them. This is particularly helpful if you wish to access a particular message but are not in a WIFI or Internet enabled area.

Is there a record of my Secure Messages?

Yes, the Secure Messaging Plus Application provides a full audit trail of your Secure Messages, including:

  • Device Notification date/time stamps
  • Message Downloaded date/time stamps
  • Message Read date/time stamps (optional)
  • Message Reply date/time stamps (optional)

What if I lose my phone?

The Secure Messaging Plus Application will password-protect the application itself. With this additional layer of security added to your password-protected smart phone, sensitive data stored on your phone’s Secure Messaging Plus Application need never be compromised, even if you lose your phone. With the added feature of Remote Wipe, you’ll be able to wipe the messages on your lost device remotely from the Website interface.

Do you have user guides?

Yes, below you’ll find PDF versions of user guides for the various Secure Messaging Plus platforms.

Secure Messaging Plus – iPhone
Secure Messaging Plus – Android
Secure Messaging Plus – Website