We have a few open positions.

Note that if you are currently employed by an inbound or outbound call center you will have special consideration but we routinely hire people with no answering service/call center experience. Our training is thorough and the technical, linguistic and “people” skills that we will teach you will prove valuable for the rest of your lifetime.

Because of the nature of this 24/7/365 business, with heavy call traffic on weekends, expect to work both Saturdays and Sundays, along with either two or three days during the week (our shifts are usually eight-hours-by-five-days, or ten-hours-by-four-days, but we also sometimes have one or two 30+ hour shifts). Whatever your schedule, your two (or three) weekly days off will be in sequence.

Although your first shift schedule may not be your preference, with your increasing seniority your preferred schedule will come with time because newly available shifts are awarded based on seniority. (Every time a shift opens, we open bidding to all TSR’s.)

Within the telephone answering service industry in the United States, which is comprised of approximately 1,500 individual businesses, Centratel is one of a handful of elite, national providers noted for exceptionally high quality of service (based on a number of tangible, measurable quality standards, we consider ourselves “the highest quality answering service in the United States”).

Job Description:

Processing incoming calls for various businesses throughout the United States, and right here in Central Oregon, the Telephone Service Representative (TSR) utilizes a specialized telephone system designed for telephone answering services. Full training is provided. This is not a selling or “outbound calling” position. We process inbound calls only. The clients we serve include service businesses (whose personnel are in the field and away from their business phones); medical offices that receive emergency patient calls after normal business hours, property managers, veterinarians, heating and air conditioning companies, funeral homes, hi-tech companies, etc.

Centratel Information

Our offices are located on Greenwood Avenue in downtown Bend. We employ a staff of approximately 45 full-time professionals. Our desire is to employ long-term, career people who will stay with the company for at least two years. We are looking for team players who want to work for a solid and reliable company that has been a part of Central Oregon for over 30 years. Staff compensation rates are substantially higher than telephone answering service industry averages. These are full-time positions. Again: We hire people whom we think will stay with the company long-term. Please do not apply for the position if you think you will be moving on to another situation within two years.

Basic Requirements:

  • Natural ability to communicate efficiently and courteously
  • Must be reliable and dependable
  • Empathetic and personable; professional demeanor
  • Typing speed of at least 45WPM
  • Aptitude to quickly learn and make correct decisions
  • Solid command of the English language. Literate in the spoken and written word
  • Absolutely drug-free. An initial drug screening test and subsequent random tests are given. If you use illegal drugs and somehow get through initial testing, your tenure with Centratel will be short as we drug test frequently and unannounced.

Wages and Benefits:

90-day introductory period. Hourly base pay starts at $14.50/hour. The beginning TSR is immediately eligible for additional monthly performance bonuses of up to 25% of hourly wages. A majority of our TSR staff routinely earns these bonuses.

With performance bonuses and vacation allowances included (vacation allowance is paid on each paycheck as a line-item, rather than accumulated), the average experienced TSR’s gross hourly wage is $19.00 per hour and above. Beginning TSRs who earn the performance bonus are at the $15.00 to $18.00 per hour earning level.

The following benefits are available after the 90-day introductory period:
-Paid Time Off (PTO) “cash vacation allowance” policy, with two weeks earned in the first year.
-Medical & Vision Insurance (100% employer paid)
-Retirement plan with 3% match

Sample Shift:

MON230pm – 1130pm
TUE230pm – 1130pm
WED230pm – 1130pm
SAT630am – 330pm
SUN230pm – 1130pm

Applying for a Position:

To apply, submit resume and cover letter via email (in MS Word, Google Doc or PDF) to careers@centratel.com, or fill out our online application: www.centratel.com/application

If your application qualifies, we will contact you to arrange for an interview and aptitude testing. No phone calls or walk-ins please.

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