Quality Manager’s Report

Email and Response

From: Pattie Faulkner , Sent: Friday, October 07, 2005 3:17 PM
To: Sam Carpenter
Cc: Linda Rosenthal; Sam D. Kirkaldie
Subject: Logged Call Review Update

Here are some interesting facts regarding the first few logged call reviews.
After 4 months of not having a Quality program, due to the “austerity plan”:

  • 8 out of 18 TSRs had 90% or above on all 3 messages.
  • 10 TSRs have 90% or above total average for the first week in Oct.
  • 1 TSR (Sandra) had a 100% message.
  • Our newest TSR (Shane) average is 83%. He has only been with us 1 week Outstanding!
  • Our lowest message score was 55% from a new TSR (relay error, etc)
  • Total TSR average is 89% for the first week in Oct.

I will work on detailing the weak areas in our “below 90%” messages next week for staff meeting notes.

-Pattie Faulkner, TAS Quality Manager

Response to Pattie’s Message, From Sam C:

Good summary, Pattie.

Great job. I am sure that the good grades here are well-deserved.

Once again, a reminder: I am concerned of course that in your enthusiasm to get every one up to a high score you will lighten up on the requirements. Keep the bar up very, very high, no matter the scores. Remember that “Centratel is the highest quality answering service in the United States.” That’s an enormously high goal and a huge part of reaching and maintaining that level of quality depends on YOUR ability to insist on super high performance (without nitpicking). Quite a challenge for you or for anyone.

Having said that, Pattie, I have absolutely no reason to believe you are being too easy on your grading! In fact, I know that last week I asked you to lighten up a bit in at least one area. My comments about keeping the pressure up are just to preempt any general drift toward lower expectations both for you and for Telephone Service Representative staff (and, you know, it’s not the first time I have greased the wheels in this direction!). As I would personally define it, success doesn’t depend so much on every TSR attaining 95% scores as much as it does with everyone actually producing 95% quality and then receiving the bonus as a result. Make sense?

I want our staff to know where the pressure is coming from so that’s why this goes to everyone. GOOD JOB EVERYONE! -sam