Due to legal concerns, the Centratel Employee Handbookis no longer available.

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Centratel Employee Handbook

Q: Why do we make our Employee Handbook open to everyone?

A: It’s an unorthodox thing to do compared to how the rest of the answering service industry operates. Publishing this 30,000+ word meant-for-the-employee text is completely congruent with the way WE do things; particularly, our emphasis on being forthright and our belief that “more information is always better.” And, as you read through this handbook and the rest of our website, you will see that we pride ourselves on having nothing to hide. We consider ourselves the best in the United States; Getting there is not easy and we’re proud of what we’ve done. There are no short cuts and no magic formulas, and innovation is mandatory.

The online version of our employee handbook is organized by category. You can find what you want using the table of contents below or by selecting a category listed in the right side menu.