Pay-in-Advance Discount/Tax Write-off

December 1, 2017

Pay your 2018 answering service charges in advance and receive a 3% discount on services.

Many of our clients will use this opportunity to claim an extra tax deduction for 2017 (but please consult with your tax advisor).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Email me and ask for the discount. My address is
  2. I will review your last several invoices and estimate your total charges for 2018. I will then notify you by email of these estimated charges
  3. Send us a check for this amount before 12/31/2017 (in addition to the regular charges on your 12/1/17 invoice).

12/01/15 invoice, regular billing = $300.00
Estimated 12 months of service in 2016 = $3600.00
Total to send: $3,900 (13 months total)

On your 1/1/2018 invoice, you will see a credit on your account for $3600 plus a separate credit for the 3% discount (In this case, $108).

Through 2018, as we bill your account for regular monthly charges, your credit balance will decrease with each monthly invoice. Note: Since your payment in advance is an estimate – your monthly charges could vary depending on your usage in 2018 – it is possible that the credit may expire a month or two before, or after, the end of next year.

If you should cease service for any reason in 2018, we will refund the balance of your credit but will charge a $100 pay-in-advance cancellation fee. We will also add back the 3% discount amount.

To take advantage of this opportunity, your account must be current. The discount only applies to amounts paid in advance, and the payment must be a minimum of one year’s service (you may pay more than one year if you wish – you will receive the 3% credit on the entire amount). You must make your advance payment by 12/31/2017.

If you have questions please email or call me (, 1-800-639-1818). My office hours are Monday-Friday, 7am-3pm PST (10am-6pm, EST).

Thank you for your business! We wish you a peaceful and prosperous 2018!

Teresa Abbas
Billing Manager