Revised April 27, 2017

It is company policy that instructions for operation should be posted on the Procedures Drive and that each individual within the organization who is affected by a particular procedure should have a hand in creating and finalizing the procedure. If a procedure isn’t correct, it is up to the person who notes the imperfection to notify the individual who created the procedure so that it can be corrected. It is imperative that each staff member understand that the functioning of Centratel is based on procedures! There are too many simultaneous functioning systems and complexities to handle things any other way. Think of procedures as the bedrock of the company. For every staff member, adherence to them is the most basic performance expectation. It can’t be over-emphasized how important it is to thoroughly review, understand and then implement every procedure as written. On the other hand, know that an outdated or otherwise inefficient procedure can be changed “on a dime.” I outline this in detail in my book, Work The System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less.”

The staff member’s job is to “work the system,” not repeatedly deal with bad results!


  1. Employees frequently review the procedure drives.
  2. All new or revised procedures are immediately sent to affected staff members.
  3. Each staff member will immediately and thoroughly review the newly posted procedure. Every aspect of the new procedure must be absolutely understood. It is “part of the job” to thoroughly learn each procedure and then to follow it.
  4. Questions should be directed back to the person who created the procedure. Use voice mail, email or one-on-one, or whatever protocol is fast and convenient in order to get a quick answer.
  5. The new procedure will be followed exactly. If there is a problem, we must change the procedure, not work around it. The entire staff works together. It is not enough to “work around” an out-dated procedure. We must update the procedure.