Gold Service

Revised October 2, 2012, and again on April 27, 2017

An Important Option for your Medical, Veterinary or Professional Office

First introduced in the U.S. in 1991 by Centratel, Gold Service offers superb features to callers while, for the client, it saves significant cost over traditional answering service. It is used by hundreds of our professional offices including 98% of our medical and veterinary clients.

Here’s how it works: Incoming calls are initially answered in our voice mail system. Here is a typical greeting, recorded by one of our professional voices or your own staff: “Thank you for calling ABC medical clinic. Our regular office hours are 9-5 Monday through Friday. Press one to leave a message which we will pick up during our next regular office hours, or simply stay on the line if you have an urgent situation. You will be transferred to our after-hours secretary who will reach our on-call doctor”

The advantages? For the average medical clinic and for many professional offices, the bulk of after-hours calls arrive in the early morning, just before the office opens. These callers will be pleased to quickly get the office hours information from the automated system. Also, additional information of any kind can be added (press 2 for directions to the office, etc).

The caller can leave a comprehensive detailed message in voice mail in his or her own voice rather than a brief, non-detailed message with a TSR (Telephone Service Representative). Your office staff will retrieve these messages first thing in the morning, and just after the lunch hour if you close your office for lunch.

The caller with an urgent situation can easily and quickly reach our TSR who will reach your on-call staff member.

An answering service’s greatest cost? Staff wages. So, if some of your simple calls can be handled without staff, savings can be significant. Overall, expect to save thirty to forty percent over what it would cost to have our telephone service representatives process all of your incoming calls.

The service can be set up and operating within 48 hours. Call us for more details!