Forced Call Forwarding

Revised April 27, 2017
A better way to call-forward your phones

If you are manually forwarding your lines to the service every day, you are dialing (or speed dialing) the number sequence and then waiting for a TSR (Telephone Service Representative), or auto answer, to pick up the line. With this standard method, the line MUST be answered on our end, either by a TSR or by our automated system, for your forwarding to be activated on your lines.

This is not the best way to forward for the following reasons:

1) It can be a slow process: one of our secretaries might not pick up the line immediately, especially if it is around the 8am, noon or 5pm “rush” periods.

2) You will be charged for the call. With our telemessaging system, a call unit is automatically charged when it is answered on our end. To avoid this, simply give us your on-call information by calling us on our check-in line, or fax or email the information to us. There are no charges to do this. With written communication, please remember to include your business name and a number where we can reach you.

Instead, use the “Force Call Forwarding” method: Accomplish this by dialing the same sequence of numbers you have always dialed, but after dialing the sequence the first time, immediately hang up. Don’t wait for a TSR, or for the auto-answer system to answer. Once you hang up, immediately pick up the line again and dial the same full sequence again. You will hear a series of clicks or beeps. Your forwarding is on! It’s fast and there is no way you can be inadvertently assessed a unit charge. Take the forwarding off in the usual way.

How to double-check that your forwarding is on: dial only the first three characters in the sequence that you use (*72, 72# or *106). If you get a fast busy, your forwarding is active!

If you wish to continue to forward by waiting for our secretary to answer: hang up as soon as the line is picked up on our end: the forwarding will be active and you won’t be charged (and our secretary won’t feel bad that you hung up without saying anything!)

Questions? Call us at 800-639-1818.