Nurse hugging her patient while her Home Health Answering Service is taking care of incoming calls

The Future of Hiring for Home Health Care

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article summarizing some Home Health Care workforce trends to watch for. In this follow up article I point out five ways that homecare agencies can evolve the way they recruit and find the quality employees needed to be caregivers. As I stated in the previous article, more than 2.1…

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HVAC expert fixing a pipe on an emergency call provided by his 24/7 phone coverage answering service

HVAC Phone Coverage: A Must Have, 24/7

Ask any HVAC business owner what happens if you don’t answer a phone call and they will tell you matter of factly that you just lost business.  Of course, that is a generalization, the call could have been a telemarketer just as easily as it could have been a legitimate service call but generally speaking, if you miss…

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Veterinarians treating a small animal on an emergency call provided by their answering service

Veterinarians: 5 management tips for synergy and growth

Being a Veterinarian is a challenging, yet rewarding career. These five tips for good management practices will help you increase revenue, improve client satisfaction with minimal stress and most of all contribute to happier clients. After all, happy clients are more likely to refer others and help you increase your…

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