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A mourning statue from the funeral home helped by an experienced answering service

This New Trend is Revolutionizing the Funeral Service Industry

Baby boomers have always been a revolutionary generation and a force for change. As they get older, they have changed how we view aging, and they are changing the funeral industry as well. Increasingly, people want funerals that are personalized and that reflect the lives and values of those who…

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A quiet place, like a funeral home, can count on a well-trained telephone answering service

The Importance of 24/7 Answering Service for your Funeral Home

Working in the funeral home business requires a high level of tact and sensitivity. In some cases, a family may have used the same funeral home for years or even generations. For these reasons, funeral home directors may feel that they need to be able to answer every call themselves. However, this…

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A checklist used by Home Health Care business owner to manage HIPAA associated regulatory updates
HIPAA Checklist for Covered Entities and Business Associates

As a HIPAA covered entity (CE), a home healthcare agency is responsible for providing assurances related to the Privacy Rule. This includes transmittal of electronic protected health information (ePHI). As a CE, your home healthcare agency needs to assure that agreements with business associate…

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Balls and snow for the winter season when an answering service could help HVAC businesses
Service Calls During the Holiday Season

We all know about the tremendous boost that the holiday season provides to the retail industry. By some estimates, Black Friday of this year saw $6.2 billion in revenue and Cyber Monday of 2018 was the biggest sales day of the year with $7.9 billion in revenue. These numbers are huge for retailers but the holiday…

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A bunch of candies for Halloween night could be the culprit for an emergency trip to the veterinary
The Most Dangerous Halloween Candy for Dogs

There are not many things scarier for pet owners than making an emergency trip to the vet. But during Halloween, Pet Poison lines are ringing off the hook and animal hospitals are haunted by sick pups. More often than not, the candy pail ends up being the culprit. Pets exposed to Halloween treats or decorations have…

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