Voicemail Setup

How to Set Up a New Voicemail Box

Updated 12/31/2008

Your voicemail box phone number was assigned to you when you signed up for service. Follow the “tutorial” within the mailbox. It’s simple! First, call your mailbox. You will hear a voice that will say “If this is your voice mailbox and you are calling for the first time, enter your login digit.” During this greeting, press the star (*) key on your telephone dial pad (the star key is your “login digit”). The rest is simple-just follow the instructions. You will input your own personal security code and your own personal greeting. Be sure to finish the entire tutorial before hanging up!

Picking Up Your Messages

Dial your voice mailbox. When your greeting begins, press the login digit (usually the star key) and security code. Follow prompts.

Changing Your Greeting or Security Code

Enter your mailbox with your security code and press the “8” key for User Options. Follow the instructions.

Options and Suggestions

Callers may be directed to your mailbox in one of three ways: Call-forward your telephone or cell phone to your mailbox using telephone company switching features, ask your callers to call the number directly, or have your front office personnel switch incoming calls to the mailbox.

Add a pager or connect to your cell phone: You will be alerted each time a message is left in your mailbox. In your greeting say “As you are listening to this message, I am being paged. Please leave your message and I will call you right back.” Note: We can configure your mailbox so your caller can activate your pager or cellular phone only if he or she has an urgent message for you. Ask us about this feature. As an option, we can route callers from your mailbox directly to your cell or office phone. Consider putting your voice mailbox number on your business card.


As you first use your mailbox, carefully listen to the instructions. Once you have entered your voice mailbox with your passcode, simply staying on the line will produce a menu of options. Generally, your questions will be answered. If not, call our customer service number (541-383-8383)!