05Nov 2015

There are approximately 1,500 live telephone answering services nationwide, ranging in size from handling one hundred clients, to over four thousand. They are 24/7/365 operations, with the smallest answering service employing as few as ten employees, and the largest, over five hundred. The history of the answering service industry stretches back to the first days […]

26Feb 2015

I was a construction inspector working with line crews that build overhead electric power transmission lines. Following written construction designs, the crews use massive crane trucks to insert enormous seventy- to eighty-foot wood poles in the ground. Then they go back to string heavy-gauge conductor (wire) between them. It’s tough, dirty, and sometimes dangerous work. […]

19Jan 2015

As business owners, or for anyone, it is important to consider the root of why things happen as they do. In this post I talk about how actions occur over time and always end up producing some kind of a result. Our lives really are a collection of systems, many of which we can adjust […]

18Dec 2014

Your team must see the operation in the same way you do. If you are going to be in control you are going to have to be in charge of your staff, and that means you will have to remove people who can’t or won’t deal with your vision. (Sorry about that.) You will replace […]

26Nov 2014

Fifteen years ago, in the depths of my workplace chaos, I was also dealing with a sick body and an exhausted mind. I was delirious during the day and couldn’t sleep at night. My doctor had me on antidepressants, then Ritalin, convinced my problems stemmed from depression—my hundred hour work weeks notwithstanding! But as a […]

04Nov 2014

Do it now and let’s get on with whatever is next! Point of sale is a phrase taken from the cash register industry. It describes action where (and when) the purchase takes place. Consider the cash register. Before the customer walks away from the till, a replacement for the purchased item has been ordered, internal […]

23Oct 2014

Although there are many possible technical excuses for failure, it is a lack of what I call quiet courage that often precedes a downfall. What is quiet courage? Quiet courage is unadorned action and is the opposite of procrastination. Quiet courage resides deep inside and causes one to buck up to do what needs to […]

18Oct 2014

Facing reality can be invigorating. Late last Thursday evening, a friend and I watched The Matrix. Larry and Andy Wachowski’s film masterpiece, it was my fourth viewing. Watching it yet again was as epic as my first viewing back in 1999. If you are one of the seven adults in the world who haven’t seen the […]