Voice Mail

Updated February 05, 2017

In 1987, Centratel was the first business in Central Oregon, private or public, to install a voice mail system.

Centratel is locally owned and operated and has served Central Oregon for 36 years. Centratel employs a long-term staff of forty Central Oregonians.

Centratel voice mail is the inexpensive alternative to telephone answering/call center service. It’s also a simple and low-cost substitute for an expensive voice mail equipment installation in your office. Accessed through call-forwarding options of the telephone company, or reached directly through the assigned telephone number that comes with each voice mailbox, Centratel voicemail could be the perfect solution for your business or profession! We offer simple configurations or customized bulletin-board, group, and e-fax mailboxes. Centratel voice mail service interfaces perfectly with Centratel paging and answering services.

With the lowest pricing in the region, and customer service personnel with the deepest experience, call us today to find out how we can build the best voicemail system for you!

Voicemail Solutions

For your company, there are two options for voice mail. First, equipment can be installed within your office by your telephone equipment vendor. There are disadvantages to this option. For smaller companies it can be iompractical and expensive. For large and small companies, there is the learning curve/maintenance/software upgrade issues of yet another computer system. Also, ongoing maintenance requires the hourly service charges of interconnect personnel.

The second option is to use an outside service provider such as Centratel. There is no equipment installation on premise, thus eliminating the significant up-front cost of purchasing the equipment and the attendant problems of maintenance. Charges are billed monthly, quarterly or annually. There are no long term contracts. Activation can be instant. It’s a very simple process.

There are hundreds of separate applications available. Here are a few real-life examples:

  • A local contractor forwards his calls to his voice mailbox when he is out of his office. The contractor’s greeting instructs callers to “press one if you want to talk to me on my cell phone”, otherwise callers simply leave a message. Callers can be screened by name so the contractor can either accept the call or discretely route the caller to voicemail.
  • A Pediatrics medical clinic routes all after-hours calls into our Medical Exchange voice mail system where the caller hears recorded office hours and other pertinent information, has an opportunity to leave a message in his or her own voice, or can simply stay on the line to reach a telephone secretary who will contact emergency on-call personnel. Medical Exchange is used by a majority of Centratel medical accounts. Compared to traditional telephone answering service, it is significantly less expensive.
  • Paul, the owner of a chimney sweep service, can be reached immediately through his voice mail paging service if there is an urgency, or he can pick up non-urgent messages at a later time. This is an inexpensive and efficient communication system for any small service-oriented business. Rates are as low.
  • A large electronic component manufacturing plant uses voice mail/paging combinations for fast-paced communications within its manufacturing facility.
  • Brad, a business consultant, uses voice mail as a back up that intercepts client calls when he is busy elsewhere. The system will accept faxes from clients as well as voice messages. It’s inexpensive.
  • A small sales organization uses voice mail to insure confidentiality for its sales people who travel extensively across the United States and Canada.
  • A high-profile and well-traveled litigating attorney uses telephone answering service but retrieves his messages via voice mail and an 800 number. When picking up messages with his cellular phone, this attorney is never put on hold: messages are provided instantly. Each message is recorded by the telephone secretary who actually takes the call, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality.
  • Local non-profit bicycle and cross-country ski clubs use “hot-line” services to keep members updated on club activities and to keep athletes informed about future workouts and races. Hot-lines are a great way to preserve a home life for club and athletic team leaders.

Endless Possibilities: Combinations

The possibilities for voice mail are endless and the costs are low. Combine live telephone answering and paging services to create a customized communication system that dramatically increases efficiency and convenience for everyone involved.

Voicemail Support

All new voicemail boxes are issued one-time tutorials. Tutorials will guide you through setting up the major aspects of your mailbox.

Recording greetings

When you first hear the greeting from the voicemail box, you must press the star (*) key to login to the mailbox. This option requires a password. If at anytime, you have problems with your passcode or your mailbox, please contact us at 1-800-639-1818 and ask for Teresa Abbas.