New Account Billing Letter

Dear Customer,

Enclosed is your first invoice from Centratel. Please note, this first invoice is due 15 days from the date of this statement. Once this first statement is paid, subsequent monthly billings will be due 25 days from the date of the invoice and always billed on the first of each month.

Monthly billings have two components: base rate charges and usage charges. Flat base rates are invoiced in advance (current month) and variable usage charges, if any, are billed in arrears (previous month).

Base Rate Charge: Includes a set allotment of call-in units (incoming calls). Your plan includes __________units in your base rate charge of $___________per month. The base rate also includes a calendar fee of $25.00 if our staff is entering the on call rotation.

Usage Charges: In a given month, if your call allotment (noted above) is exceeded, you will be billed on a per-unit basis for each additional unit over that allotment. In your plan, each additional call-in unit will be billed at $___________.

Message Delivery: Centratel’s unique “free message delivery” feature includes messages delivered via alpha pager, text messaging, email, fax, and voice mail. Messages that involve “live out dial” to a cell phone, land-line or digital pager are $1.25 each. Cross-connected calls (patches) are $1.25 each plus 50 cents per minute of talk-time. Messages delivered via secure SMS messaging is $5 per registered device. Gold service voicemail is $16.00 per month and 16 cents per minute.

If you have operational changes that might affect call volume, we are happy to change your rates to a more appropriate plan. Just give us a call and we can analyze your usage in order to make a plan recommendation. We also offer customized flat rate services, based on your usage history.

Thank you for using Centratel! We look forward to a long-lasting relationship. If you have any further questions about your invoice, please do not hesitate to contact me!


Teresa Abbas

Billing Manager