Message Delivery via “email-to-Cellular”

Updated April 27, 2017

Here at Centratel, we know that accurate and efficient answering service message delivery is important to you. For reliable, flexible, “any time-anywhere” delivery, our customers frequently request their messages be relayed via text messaging, otherwise known as “email-to-cell”.


  • The entire message will appear on your cell phone display and include the name, number and message of the caller. You simply call your customer or patient with no interaction with answering service personnel;
  • On the road or in your office, this delivery method provides ultimate flexibility and convenience. The information is instantly available to you;
  • If you do not want to be interrupted to take a call, you can quietly read the message and decide whether to immediately return the call or wait for a more convenient time.

Improved and Cost-Effective Service

Obviously, message delivery is a key component of your answering service. In considering how Centratel can best serve your needs, the Email-to-cell relay is a simple way for us to maximize your effectiveness while making your life easier. As an added bonus, compared to other “instant” delivery methods, this method of delivery is always the most cost-effective: It’s free!

Easy to Test and Implement

If you or members of your staff already have text messaging enabled through your cell phone service provider, all we would need is the name of the provider in order to send a test message. Once message delivery is confirmed, we can quickly and easily program the message delivery change in our system.

Instant Online Access to your Messages

Updated 4/27/2017


You can access all of your messages online 24/7/365 by logging into this website (see “customer login” link on front page) to pickup any or all of your messages taken and processed over the previous 90 days. The on-line information includes to whom, and how, messages were processed. Like all Centratel message delivery protocols, it is designed to make your life easier and more efficient. You can track messages from the time they are taken until the time they are delivered, and every step in between. 24/7/365. Yes, you can print all of your messages, or any portion of them, anytime. Here are just a few of the many advantages of having On-line Message Pick-Up:

Scenario 1:
Your receptionist calls in sick, the weather is bad, or for one reason or another your office closes for the day. You forward the phones to Centratel, and instead of revising your message relay, you simply log onto your account – wherever you are – and see the messages as they come in.

Scenario 2:
You are on vacation. However, you would like to occasionally check up on business activity while gone. You can simply check the messages on your account via any computer that has internet connectivity.

The service is HIPAA compliant and of course it is password protected so your messages always remain private. And, remember, the service is free. Call Briela, to add this feature to your service and she will provide you with your password and ID. Her telephone number is 1-800-639-1818.